​Keep the KP Rural

Why It Matters
Quality of Life

Protects our Community

 Creates Room For Everyone!​​

Your Community is Your Backyard

Zoning provides rules that protect our rural landscape and character.  
​Zoning rules create appropriate land use spaces for everyone. When properly followed they lessen the impact of development while creating benefits for our community.
Every time you leave your home you enter into your backyard. The land and it’s uses affect the way you feel about the place you call home.

Issues at a Glance

What is HRC? ​

Why No HRC? 

HRC stands for Hope Recovery Center. A not for profit company seeking to provide substance use disorder and behavioral health treatment on the Key Peninsula. 

  • The proposed facility is 33,000 sq ft consisting of 50 patient beds on 7.8 acres. The site sits within a R10 zoned neighborhood. 

  • HRC intends to take part in the state's drug court referral system as well as accept both Apple Health (Medicaid) and private insurance. 

  • By state law HRC's doors will be open to anyone in the state seeking health services.

No HRC was started to oppose the construction of Hope Recovery Center in a R10 (rural residential neighborhood)
and to work with HRC to develop alternative locations that fit the zoning requirements of Pierce County. 

  • We recognize the importance of treatment facilities in our state, but believe zoning laws should not be ignored in order to build them. 

  • While No HRC recognizes the drug problem that the Key Peninsula has and is in full support of finding a solution, the facility needs to be built in a properly zoned location.

  • Because of state laws, HRC will be required to accept patients throughout the state. As such, HRC is not a local community health service, but rather a regional facility caring for patients throughout the entire state. We believe our local neighborhoods should not bear the impacts without being the primary beneficiary.